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Judge Zepeda's Verdict (english / spanish

NY TImes January 2015: 2 Sentenced in Murders in Chile Coup

Kissinger case documents 

September 2014, Joyce Horman's request for further investigation into U.S. Role in the death of Charles Horman.

July 1, 2014, Chilean Court Rules U.S. Had Role in Murders, read statements by Joyce Horman and Janis Teruggi


Document Archives at the Nettie Lee Benson Museum

Joyce Horman and Edmund Horman Papers at the Nettie Lee Benson Library

Museo de la meoria y los derechos humanos


2013 Tribute to Justice, 40th Anniversary Event

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Charles Horman, 1969
Charles Horman

Ed and Elizabeth Horman
Ed and Elizabeth Horman

Charles Horman, 1969
Frank Teruggi 

February 12, 2015

Americans Charles Horman, journalist and filmmaker, and Frank Teruggi, student, were killed by Pinochet forces in Chile in the aftermath of the anti-democratic, bloody, violent coup in September 1973. A recent ruling said both crimes were the result of a “secret investigation” into Americans’ political activities in Chile by the United States Military Group in Santiago.   (continues)

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